Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips January

Clean all pots and trays and check all equipment ahead of any seed sowing.

If weather conditions are suitable, plant deciduous trees, shrubs and climbers. Remember to insert stakes for those trees or shrubs that require them, and trellis or other supports for climbing plants.

Double dig any lawn area proposed for a lawn to be grown from seed. Incorporate well rotted manure or compost into the lower spit of soil and leave the top layer for frosts to condition it. If soil drainage is likely to be a problem, construct soakaways, or a herring-bone drainage system of tile drains, in the second or third spit of soil.

If the weather is very mild, it is possible to create a new lawn from turfs this month, provided the soil has been well prepared.

Keep any seed potatoes and seeds that you buy in a cool, mouse-free place.

Check all gardening equipment and stock up on composts, seed trays, pots, labels and similar odds and ends.

If you are growing vegetables that require it, now is a good time to lime soil. If in doubt, test the soil with a pH kit to get a reading of alkalinity or acidity and calculate how much lime to apply.

Suitable varieties of broad beans and peas can be made under cloches this month.

Sow tomato seeds in a heated greenhouse for forcing for early fruiting.

Complete pruning of fruit trees and bushes. Spray them with tar oil winter wash to kill any eggs.

Keep paths, mowed areas and patios clear of leaves by raking or brushing.

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