Wild Birds

Feed the birds in your garden

By offering the right mix of food not only can you give wild birds a helping hand in the harsh winter months but you can enjoy these beautiful creatures up close and personal in your own back garden.

  • Stock up on bird food and use multiple feeders to provide an ample supply throughout winter.
  • Choose bird tables that are difficult for cats and squirrels to climb. Bird tables and feeding stations with a metal post are hard for little paws to grip.
  • Provide a good quality bird seed mix which contains a mix of sunflower seeds, peanut granules and flaked maize.
  • Mealworms will attract robins, blue tits and other birds that love insects such as wagtails.
  • Offer high energy fat balls in winter as birds burn up lots of calories to keep warm. If it snows stamp it down around your bird table so that ground feeding birds can still feed.
  • Remember to provide water in freezing weather. If you don't have a bird bath use a plant saucer instead.
  • Keep feeding throughout the winter months as birds will grow to depend upon your food supply in harsh weather conditions. Ask a neighbour to keep feeders full if you go away.

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